Journey to Ruthie

10-year old presenter of TV show 'All About Animals', Olivia Todd, learns that her adopted orangutan 'Ruthie' continues to fail her exams at Forest School and has been expelled for biting classmates. Olivia's never met Ruthie face-to-face, and decides it's the perfect time to travel to Sumatra to help her troubled friend.

Brother and 'stars-in-his-eyes' co-host, Jake, assembles a film crew to document the journey while Olivia books the flight to Sumatra. Or, so she thinks! In a moment of distraction, her life-long imaginary friend Dennis (a rascally animated dodo bird with 'short-wing' syndrome) works himself into a jealous frenzy over Olivia's 'other' best friend and sabotages the trip. Seconds after take-off, they learn that their flight isn't headed for Sumatra, it's on its way to India!

Dennis is in the 'doghouse'... again, but to Olivia's delight, the dodgy detour takes her and Jake to the homes and habitats of some of the world's most endangered species. They make a host of new friends, including tigers, moon bears, elephants and rhinos, and meet the many courageous people who rescue them from danger and do what they can to save them from extinction (with tips on how we can help too!)

Olivia gets word that Ruthie has run away and is in grave danger, so the crew quickly leave for Sumatra. Hopes of finding Ruthie fade, and Olivia lets fly at Dennis for his meddling delays. But, when rescuers find Ruthie alive, and Olivia is soon to meet her friend in the heart-warming climax to our epic journey, we discover the real reason behind Dennis's antics. And, what happens next is sure to surprise!

Join Olivia, Jake and the rascally dodo-bird Dennis for a Journey to Ruthie. With all the endearment of a children's book, the spectacle of an Attenborough documentary, and the fun and adventure of a Disney movie, Journey to Ruthie is not just a doco with a dodo, but a 'doco with a difference'!

© Copyright Jon Barratt 2012

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