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Burzynski – the Power of Expository Documentary

With the release of a new trailer for Eric Merola’s BURZYNSKI (click here), I thought it timely to post an article that appeared in the South Australian Film Corporation’s newsletter in March 2013, entitled Burzynski – the Power of Expository Documentary.

BURZYNSKI – the Power of Expository Documentary

Adelaide’s Jon Barratt (Krolyn Studios) is an ardent believer in the power of film to create social change, and he further attests that the investigative documentary has become more relevant than ever before.

“As our distrust and discontent with governments, institutions and large corporations increases, so too does our societal appetite for truthful information, integrity and the individual voice,” Jon states. “Eric Merola’s ‘Burzynski’ films are the perfect example of why expository documentaries must not only be made, but exhaustively and fearlessly promoted.” Continue reading

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