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Envy WordPress Theme for Genesis 2.1!

Envy eCommerce WordPress Theme

My previous post officially announced the exciting release of ENVY – a new WordPress theme and WooCommerce-enabled e-commerce solution developed for StudioPress’s heralded Genesis framework … StudioPress‘s heralded Genesis framework Version 2.0.2!

And then, as if Murphy had laser-traced his eye on my blog, just 2 weeks later, StudioPress proudly announces the release of its updated framework, Genesis 2.1. Aaargh! So, after a few hours of kicking the couch and yelling into pillows, it was back to the drawing board for the ENVY theme. And a week later (although it seemed like a month), ENVY v1.1 was released – specifically optimised for the new and improved Genesis 2.1 framework.

ENVY WordPress theme official site – http://envy.krolyn.com/
ENVY WordPress theme demo – http://envy.krolyn.com/demo/

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