Ok Spiders, Get Crawling – My New Website is Finally Up!


I regard this new website as the culmination of over two decades in design and 6 months intensive education in WordPress template design. I elected to shoot for a WordPress content-managed site to take advantage of the enormous array of available plugins, the favourable search-engine-optimised coding, and simple-to-use blog features.

The primary goal of this site was to be ‘Big & Bold’. Full window images, slideshow, pop-up windows, smooth video, and of course enough information to demonstrate that just on 25 years, I should know what the hell I’m doing! In addition to servicing the business sector, it was important to place a focus on my new film services. Filmmakers need to take full advantage of online marketing and viral campaigns, not to mention supplementing their income through vehicles such as Pay-Per-View (PPV). These are exciting new capabilities I’ll be sharing with my film industry colleagues.

The new Jon Barratt website features;-

  • Rocket-fueled loading times.
  • Fully responsive on smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.
  • Full screen image slideshow on the opening screen.
  • Single-page, easy-scroll layout for the main page.
  • Sliding parallax images behind section titles.
  • Complete social ‘share and follow’ functionality (ie Facebook, Twitter etc).
  • Pop-up windows for gallery images and videos.
  • Strong optimisation for search-engine indexing.

For the technically-minded, the site is created in PHP using jQuery and CSS3, and entirely on the WordPress platform built from the ground up. No off-the-shelf templates here. It’s fully tailored to fit exactly what I was looking for. As all sites should be. Extensive use of sprites and minify caching has been employed to jet-boost loading times.

Planned future additions will include a testimonials section and a helpful hints and tips section.

I hope you like my site. Actually, I hope you love it!!! Send me a message and let me know your thoughts. And please share it with your friends, colleagues, family, any random wandering across the street. And if you or anyone you know requires any of the services that I offer, please get in touch!!

All the best

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