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I’m delighted to announce my recent affiliation with StudioPress, creator of the ‘Rolls-Royce’ WordPress framework, Genesis. And what does this mean for you? Well, a great deal if you’ve asked me to design a content-managed website. Not only will I be adding the most robust and flexible framework available to all future builds, but I can now offer a selection of affordable pre-assembled themes for clients with thinner budgets or clients requiring fast-turnaround, temporary sites.

Genesis Framework for WordPress

“Now, just a cotton-pickin’ minute there, Barratt!” I hear you say, “I didn’t think you adopted off-the-shelf themes?”. Well, yes, this has ‘always’ been my position. And, I will ‘always’ recommend designing and building longer-term websites from scratch because off-the-shelf themes inevitably force compromises in design. However, StudioPress offers so much more than a typical off-the-shelf theme. Let me explain …

Firstly, StudioPress themes are powered by the Genesis framework. Genesis is regarded as the strongest and most reliable framework available for any smart WordPress website design. It’s become an industry standard which offers;-

  • Streamlined and proven search-engine-optimisation (SEO)
  • Tested responsive design (ie adapts to phones, tablets and desktops)
  • Airtight security and instant updates
  • A large range of Genesis-specific extensions and plug-ins
  • Highly customisable design and layout options
  • Lightning fast download and operation speeds

All of my new fully-customised WordPress sites will adopt Genesis as its base framework. Nothing else compares. But, Genesis also provides the framework for about 40 pre-assembled StudioPress themes, which means I have total confidence in their build and functionality. And because they are option-rich, I can adapt any one of these themes to meet a client’s needs without compromising its integrity. Well, perhaps 80-90% adaptable to a client’s needs. Certainly, better than most.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

But, the greatest advantage for me as a StudioPress affiliate lies in the StudioPress team of fastidious developers who offer an unlimited level of premium support. Their personnel are intimately knowledgeable about their products, so help is available anywhere, anytime. Something that can’t often be said for other theme libraries, and something that I absolutely demand and expect.

So, for me, this new affiliation is a match made in Heaven. As my clients will testify, I’m a stickler for best-quality and best-support, and I’m proud to be partnering with a company that offers and demands the same. Welcome to my world, StudioPress! Let’s make wonderful websites together!

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