Envy WordPress Theme Beta Released!


It’s been a long time coming, but the ENVY WordPress theme is finally available on beta. So, what’s ENVY? Well, let me put you in the loop …

ENVY is a brand-spanking new WordPress theme and e-commerce solution developed for StudioPress’s heralded Genesis framework. In a nutshell, it brings e-commerce to Genesis using WooTheme’s popular WooCommerce plugin, all wrapped up in an attractive, well-supported and easy-to-use theme called ENVY (view the demo).

Envy’s Great Features

First and foremost, ENVY is a very ‘simple’ theme. Simple structure. Simple to use. Simple to adapt and modify. But, don’t be mistaken into thinking the theme is ‘basic’. The theme has been built to similarly rigid coding practices and standards as most StudioPress themes. It’s robust and reliable, well-supported and adaptable. Use it as a simple blog, an e-commerce solution, or both. The Envy-ous choice is yours.

Some of the theme’s most appealing features include a sticky header, home slider, home-featured products and posts, a range of css-supported plugins, six colour styles, five layout options, three menu locations, standard features offered by the Genesis framework and WooCommerce in addition to the enormous range of compatible extensions and plugins available from StudioPress and WooCommerce.

How Do I Buy & Install Envy

The ENVY theme is available at http://envy.krolyn.com

The theme is in beta until May 31 and available for free for anyone who wishes to participate and assist in reporting initial bugs or suggest improvements. On conclusion of the beta, the ENVY theme can be purchased at a cost of approximately $50.

(Note: Genesis framework is required and available from StudioPress at a cost of $59.95US)

Full installation instructions are available on the ENVY website, including a support forum and a list of helpful tutorials which will be expanded in coming months to help you get the most out of the theme and your ENVY e-commerce website. Not to mention, the premium levels of online help and support you can expect from StudioPress and WooThemes when it comes to Genesis and WooCommerce.

The Envy-ous Bottom Line

ENVY was developed out of frustration, quite honestly. I simply couldn’t find another WordPress ‘e-commerce-plus-blog’ theme for the Genesis framework which was built with the simple structure and reliable code of most StudioPress developed themes. The alternatives either had clumsy code and build, or were over-developed with ‘bells and whistles’ that made orientation laborious and customisation complex.

So, the bottom line is this. Whether you’re a novice or a developer, please take a look at ENVY. The non-designer can easily populate the ‘as-is’ theme, while the Genesis-savvy developer will be familiar with the code, functions and plugins utilised by most Genesis and StudioPress themes. Either way, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

View the demo and download the theme at http://envy.krolyn.com


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7 thoughts on “Envy WordPress Theme Beta Released!

  1. Hi Jon,

    I am triggered by your theme!

    I am about to make the next step for my website and am looking for a Genesis theme which works well with Woo.

    When checking your demo on my Iphone I noticed that not all sub menu items where visible, like the menu color option.

    Any chance this can be adjusted?

    1. Hi Arien!

      Thanks so much for the feedback. And yes, I’ll definitely look at this. I’m assuming your issue is that some sub-menu items run beyond the bottom of the screen. I see the problem. Best resolution would be to reduce the top and bottom padding on the menu items for small screen sizes. I’ll keep you posted on the fix.

      Best always,

    2. Hi Arien

      I’ve just released Envy Beta 1.3. It’s now available on the http://envy.krolyn.com website (still free). The new release reduces the top and bottom padding of menu items to increase visibility. However, if there are many menu items, there will still be an issue …

      As such, I am currently working on having the menu become ‘unstuck’ on opening the menu and then ‘stuck’ again on closing the menu. This would permit scrolling of the menu when open, which will resolve the issue. I hope to have this completed by the next release.

      Best always,

  2. Nice to see a Genesis theme released with Woo integrated – awesome stuff. And greetings from a fellow aussie-based Genesis fan.

  3. Hey, it seems like Envy theme is really very popular. I see few other resources also and many of them are recommending Envy theme.

    Thanks for sharing information about this theme.

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