• Solutions by Design.

    Design isn’t about what looks good. It’s about what works. Armed with a solid 25+ year reputation, Jon will design an entirely unique solution specifically tailored to achieve your desired outcome.

    • Brand Design
    • Web Design
    • New Media
    • Film
  • Enduring Brands.

    Brand design is a science. Your image must be robust, adaptable, memorable and relevant. Having created hundreds of brands over more than two decades, you can be assured that Jon will design a brand that stands the test of time.

    • Identity
    • Stationery
    • Websites
    • Marketing
    • Signs
  • Working Websites.

    A website should work tirelessly for you every second of every day. Be it content-managed, e-commerce, or a simple set-and-forget, Jon will design an engaging, functional and robust website geared to bring the global market to your doorstep.

    • CMS/Static Web Design
    • WordPress
    • Genesis
    • eCommerce
    • SEO
  • Screen and Shout.

    Film producers need to leverage every possible avenue for financial returns. Jon will brand and package your film, then design and build a secure online website to support and supplement your distributor income.

    • Writing & Editing
    • Poster Art
    • Packaging
    • Web Design & Development
  • Thought-full Ideas.

    Jon believes that creative service comes with a responsibility to contribute constructively to our World and community. For this reason, he offers concessions to businesses and projects which aid socially-conscious causes such as human rights, animal welfare and eco-awareness.

Yours truly.

Jon Barratt
Brand & Web Design, New Media & Film – Adelaide, Australia.

Thank you for taking an interest in my website. I’ve been fortunate to have experienced so many highlights and rewards over my many years in business, both in the graphic and web design industry, and more recently in film. So, I feel privileged to be in a position to share some of these events with you.

It all began in 1989 with a micro-sized design studio called JB Graphix, which provided branding and graphic design services to similarly micro-sized businesses in the micro-sized city of Adelaide. However, by millenium’s turn, my modest little venture had expanded to several employees and a large national client base. With the timely introduction of web design services and a move to larger premises, I changed the name of the studio to Zynke Design.

In 2005 (and not coincidentally, after attending an ‘air-punching’ seminar with coaching giant, Tony Robbins), I seized an opportunity to follow my life-long passion for film. My teeth were cut as an Associate Producer on the multi-award winning feature documentary, The John Searl Story, while writing a political thriller The Trade, later optioned by recognised LA producer, Barrett Stuart.

As my film commitments grew, I felt it necessary to transition to individual consultancy. And in 2006, I made the gut-wrenching decision to sell Zynke Design. It was, by this time, a respected leader in local graphic design and web design circles, with a sturdy presence nationally and overseas.

I’ve since operated independently under the banner of Krolyn Studios, named after my late mother Carolyn (K-rolyn) who passed away from cancer some years ago. It was a devastating loss, but as fate (and Mum) would have it, the journey led me to editing roles on Eric Merola’s Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business, Part 2 and Second Opinion.

Today, I bring close over 25 years experience to the table when helping clients with brand and web design services. My commitment is to ‘serve’ to the best of my ability, and to contribute. Creatives and innovators shape our world and I believe with that privilege comes a responsibility to ensure our input adds constructively to our society and environment.

Thank you again for your interest, and if you’re in need of help with branding, web design or film, I’d sincerely love to be of service.

“My own success is best measured by the successes of the clients I’ve served.” Jon Barratt

Krolyn logo


Design isn’t about what looks good. It’s about what works.

“We found Jon to be extremely helpful and innovative with assisting us to establish our new website. He guided and supported us from the preparation stage right though to final testing of the site … We are extremely proud of our website and would recommend Jon to anyone looking to establish a website.” Peter Logan, General Manager, Access Capital (2012)

“I first dealt with Jon when he designed my business logo many years ago. He came up with a number of concepts based on my brief. The end result was a logo that has stood the test of time, and is one I feel really proud of to this day … I recommend Jon unequivocally and will hire him again.” Michael Booth, Director, Micky Booth Home Delivery (2013)


My ethos is, and has always been, to serve the client. And to recognise that design is the process of solving a problem and not a vehicle for creative or artistic expression. It’s about partnering with the client to fully understand the requirements of the project, formulating the correct equation, and then calculating the best working solution to achieve the best working result. For this reason, I rarely adopt ‘off-the-shelf’ stock or web template solutions. My work is unique and tailored specifically to the individual client and project.


No-one knows your business or product like you do, so your progressive input is critical. This is why the “three finished concepts, pick one” approach most often leads to a dissatisfied client being hassled by a designer demanding payment. It simply doesn’t work. An alternative and proven approach is to have clients partner in the design process by dividing it into stages and garnering feedback at the end of each stage. Clients witness the process from preliminary ideas through to final design, understanding the rationale behind the evolution and hence taking confidence in the solution.


Guarantees are virtually unheard of in the design industry, however I will guarantee your satisfaction. I’m able to offer this by dividing the process into stages and simply guaranteeing each stage. If you’re not satisfied that I’ve met your brief, I will repeat the stage (in most cases) or you are free to walk away and copyright remains with the author. Alternatively, approval is given to continue to the next stage and the approved stage is then invoiced. I am both pleased and disappointed to say that in nearly 25 years, I’ve only had one client walk away.

Brand Design

Jon is most recognised in the design industry for his memorable and enduring brands. Services include:

  • Logo design / corporate identity
  • Brand design / assessment
  • Product branding / themework
  • Brand marketing strategy
  • Stationery / corporate literature
  • Annual reports
  • Architectural signage / displays
  • Exhibition / trade show fitouts

Web Design

Jon has been building striking websites since they first hit their stride in the 90s. Services include:

  • Dynamic (CMS) / static (HTML)
  • Javascript / jQuery / CSS
  • Responsive on various devices
  • WordPress web design
  • E-commerce / shopping carts
  • Genesis framework
  • Interactive e-marketing
  • Email and viral strategy
  • Site admin / training

Film Services

Learn more about Jon’s new film design services in the Film section below. Services include:

  • Poster art / themework
  • DVD / Blu-ray packaging
  • Movie websites
  • Pay-per-view (PPV) sites
  • Titles design
  • Pitch / marketing materials
  • Press kits / advertisements
  • Social / viral campaigns


A Passion for Socially-Conscious Film & Screen

“Jon not only showed a deep passion for the film’s subject matter, but he was able to immerse himself into this film more than I could have ever expected or hoped … a talented writer and editor … the eye and intuition you rarely find in a creative collaborator.” Eric Merola – Producer, Director, Burzynski Movie Series (2013)

“… from the highest technical understanding of the internet to his superior creative abilities … Mr Barratt is a professional with acute business and marketing skills. I am pleased and grateful to have his contribution to our effort and most important to me, our shared trust.” Bradley Lockerman – BKL Films Hollywood LA (2007)

Jon’s Work

Driven by a life-long passion for film, Jon opened his industry account as Associate Producer and Web Designer on BKL Films’ multi-award winning documentary, The John Searl Story (2009), while also penning his first feature script The Trade, later optioned by LA producer Barrett Stuart (Warner Bro’s Rails & Ties, MGM’s Pathology). Recent credits include Script Editor and Assistant Editor on Eric Merola’s Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business, Part 2 (2013) and Second Opinion (2014). Jon’s also developing three new feature-length scripts.


Jon is steered by an ethos that film bears the power to motivate audiences to act, and as such has the capacity to influence societal attitudes and inspire social change. For Jon, it’s a ‘privileged’ power that comes with a high level of responsibility – not only to voice issues of social significance, but to do so with great care. It’s less about ‘boldly telling stories that need to be told’ and more about ‘tactfully telling stories that need to be heard’. For this reason, Jon’s primary focus is on projects which broadcast positive social and environmental messages.

Online Distribution

The greatest challenge for today’s filmmakers is to attract enough revenue simply to cover the costs of making a film. With exhibitors and distributors carving hefty chunks from a producer’s end return, even a few dollars beyond break-even is labeled a windfall. Jon can help filmmakers to exploit online vehicles such as Pay-Per-View (PPV), and implement viral strategies to market across social networks. Mechanisms are also available to block visitors from specific regions or countries so as not to breach existing third-party distributor agreements.

Writing & Editing

Jon is a credited editor and writer of screenplays and development materials. Services include:

  • Screenwriting
  • Script editing
  • Script review / assessment
  • Post film editing
  • Loglines / synopsis
  • Pitch materials
  • Exec summaries / marketing plans
  • Press kits

Web Design & PPV

Jon boasts two decades of experience in web design and online strategy. Services include:

  • Movie website design
  • WordPress content-managed
  • Pay-per-view (PPV) technology
  • Web template design
  • Paypal e-Commerce sites
  • Secure video delivery
  • Country IP blocking
  • Social / viral strategy

Poster Art & Design

Learn more about Jon’s art and design services in the Design section above. Services include:

  • Poster art / themework
  • DVD / Blu-ray packaging
  • Titles / menu design
  • Pitch / marketing materials
  • Press kits / advertisements
  • Large format displays
  • Promotional products

Film Credits & Films in Development

Assistant Editor, Australian Representative

Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering (2014)

Documentary 75 mins – Produced by Merola Productions / Written and Directed by Eric Merola.

Festivals & Awards

Official Selection, 2014 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (World Premiere)

Official Selection, 2014 Garden State International Film Festival

Assistant Editor, Script Editor & Australian Representative

Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business, Part 2 (2013)

Documentary 107 mins – Produced by Merola Productions / Written and Directed by Eric Merola

Festivals & Awards

Winner of Best Documentary Film (Audience Choice Award), 2014 Sedona International Film Festival

Official Selection, 2013 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (World Premiere)

Official Selection, 2013 Newport Beach International Film Festival

Associate Producer & Designer

The John Searl Story (2009)

Documentary 109 mins – Produced by BKL Films and Keepers of the Earth LLC / Written and Directed by Bradley Lockerman

Festivals & Awards

Winner of 3 EBE Awards, 2010 IUFOC Film Festival including Best Feature Documentary and People’s Choice Award


The Trade (Screenplay)

Finished Script – Political Thriller 129 mins (estimate) Optioned by Los Angeles Producer Barrett Stuart (Warner Bros’ Rails & Ties and MGM’s Pathology) 11/07-4/08 (out of contract)

Producer & Screenwriter

Journey to Ruthie (Treatment)

In Development (on hold) – Adventure/Doco 80 mins (estimate)
Producers Krolyn Studios and Flying Dodo Productions Pty Ltd


Malcolm Why

Dramedy 100 mins (estimate)
Script in development.


Soul Searcher

Drama 95 mins (estimate)
Script in development.


At What Price

Drama 120 mins (estimate) – Screenwriter (script in development).


Drama 110 mins (estimate) – Screenwriter (script in development).